A review of
Automotive Internetworking
by Timo Kosch, Christoph Schroth, Markus Strassberger and Marc Bechler

cover of book

Many technical books cost US$100, but not many are worth that much money. This one is. A truly encyclopedic and authoritative reference on its topic, Automotive Internetworking is also readable, well-illustrated, uniform in presentation, up-to-date (as of 11/2013) and packed full of citations. There are places where the English syntax betrays the fact that not all the authors may be native speakers, and there a few places where the explanations are a bit hard to follow, but overall I found the text extremely valuable.

Automotive Internetworking begins with an overview of the status of the field. The lack of coverage of the simTD (Germany) and Safety Pilot (U.S.) field trials is a bit regrettable, but those projects have finished too recently to be included. Most of the rest of the book is organized into chapters that individually treat the layers of the OSI networking stack. Additional chapters survey security, management and historical aspects of the topic, which has already included a truly breathtaking amount of work. The coverage of the overlapping ETSI, ISO, IEEE, SAE, IETF, CEN . . . standards is particularly helpful. Both automotive internetworking neophytes and those with experience in the field will find that the book merits detailed study.

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